Tungsten and it

Tungsten and its applications:


Of all metals at temperatures above 1650 oC, Tungsten has the highest melting point (3422 oC) and the lowest vapour pressure of all metals. Tungsten is an excellent material for high-vacuum technology up to the highest temperatures. It is a very hard, heavy, steel-gray to white transition metal, tungsten is found in several ores including wolframite and scheelite and is remarkable for its robust physical properties, especially the fact that it has the highest melting point of all the non-alloyed metals.

Physical Properties:

Crystal Structure: Body-centered cubic (α phase)

Atomic Weight: 183.85

Density: 19.254 g/cm3

Thermal Properties:

Boiling Point: 5900 oC (range of 5700 oC + 200 oC)

Melting Point: 3410 oC (+ 20 oC)

Thermal Conductivity (20 oC): 129 W/m K

Evaporation Heat: 444 J/g

Heat of Fusion: 209 J/g

Specific Heat: 0.14 J/g K

Electrical Properties:

Electrical Resistivity (20 oC): 5.5 µΩ/cm  

Temperature Coefficient of the Electrical Resistivity
: 482 10-5 Ω/ΩK

Temperature of Superconductivity: 0.016 K

Mechanical Properties:

Tensile Strength (20 oC):     Sheet Thickness         psi

                                              0.5 - 1.0 mm          >188,500

                                              1.0 - 5.0 mm          >116,000

Compressive Strength (20 oC): 166,753 psi

Modulus of Elasticity (20 oC): 59,450 103 psi

Transition Temperature (Brittle/Ductile): 100 oC - 400 oC


Its high melting point makes tungsten suitable for aerospace and high temperature uses which include electrical, heating, and welding applications,

Hardness and density properties make this metal ideal for making heavy metal alloys that are used in armament, heat sinks, and high density applications, such as weights, counterweights.

It is used in kinetic energy penetrators, usually alloyed with nickel and iron or cobalt, to form heavy alloys.

Tungsten is also beginning to be used in jewellery. Its hardness makes it ideal for rings that will never scratch, are hypoallergenic and will not need polishing. This property is especially useful in designs with a brushed finish.



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