Through the planned and efficient utilisation of resources, Central Metals and Alloys Limited are committed to the provision of a quality assured service in compliance with customer requirements and in an organised and professional manner.

In today's competitive world, we recognise that simply satisfying the customer is not enough, we must aim to go the extra mile in delighting and impressing our customers so that they tell their colleagues about us, recommend our services to others and give us their repeat business.

Quality objectives consistent with this policy shall be established and communicated to all personnel, so that they are understood. Objectives shall be monitored and subject to systematic, periodic review by management

Central Metals and Alloys Limited regard the attainment of ISO 9001 (2008) as being a significant milestone on our "journey to excellence". In 2017 we successfully upgraded to ISO 9001 (2015) standard and regard it as the minimum standard to which we will work.

We are committed to continually developing and improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Steps shall be taken to ensure that this quality policy is communicated and understood within the organisation.

Senior Management shall periodically review this policy to ensure its continued suitability to the organisation.



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